We have developed various tools and applications to make Greek Namedays easy to add or find anywhere on the internet.

We continuously work to make even more tools, applications and micro-sites to satisfy our users.

Listed below are the tools we have developed so far and those we are currently working on. Please contact us if you have something to suggest.

Greek Namedays on your site

Here at we believe that Greek Namedays is data that can appear on any greek site.

The following table will assist you with selecting the appropriate tool in order to add Greek Namedays to your site or blog.

level common user common user advanced user developer
development 5 mins 10 mins 10 mins
to 1 hour
2 to 4 hours
cost free free free annual fee
comment fast, easy & impressive fast, easy & plenty options ideal for blogs & rss applications the professionals' choice
learn how

Greek Namedays - RSS Feed

For the fans of RSS feeds we offer the Namedays of the running day in both english and greek. Now you can add us to your favorite RSS reader and never forget a nameday again.

Find out more here.
Our RSS feed

Greek Namedays - facebook application

Our facebook application Greek Namedays is one of the very first Greek facebook applications and since 2007 it is used by 46314 users.

Search and View upcoming namedays, Add and Edit your nameday, Add friends' namedays. Find out more here.

Greek Namedays - twitter

Follow us on the most simple and popular social networking website, twitter. Check out our latest news and everything about greek name days, greek holidays and greek names!

Find out more here.
Our twitter

Greek Namedays webservice

For more demanding users that wish to add extra functionality to their site or develop their own nameday application we have the solution!

Here at we are the first to offer (after agreement, not free) webservice with all greek namedays and holidays.

More information here.

coming soon...

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